Master in Emergency Medicine (MEM) Program in India

The need for Emergency Medicine Education and Training in India cannot be overstated. See below for a consensus document, written by core faculty, highlighting the need for improved Emergency Medicine education and training in India. This White Paper describes the current state of education and training in Emergency Medicine in India, identifies the the enormous gaps, and delineates critical priorities towards effective capacity building and progress, with the ultimate goal of creating better patient care outcomes for the people of India.  Please click on the attachment for the full text: White Paper: Emergency Medicine in India

"I owe my success to GWU-MEM. I am a graduate from the 2014-2017 batch at Peerless Hospital in Kolkata. After graduating from MEM, I was selected in the Royal College of Emergency Medicine International Training Programme. Subsequently, I was selected at the University College- London Hospitals as a Specialist Registrar. MEM has given my life a new direction, and thus my clinical knowledge and skills have been internationally recognized. MEM gives you career potential, and instills confidence and pride."  

India Program Overview

Emergency Medicine (EM) is a relatively new specialty within medicine that is expanding at a phenomenal pace throughout the globe. Within the international community, leaders in medicine, health economics, public health, and government have recognized the need to develop systems that respond to acute medical and surgical emergencies, and emergency medicine is the unique discipline and independent specialty with a unique body of knowledge to respond to these life-threatening events.  Many countries have already recognized the specialty of EM and offer specific training programs to develop a cadre of physicians with the knowledge and skills to care for patients presenting with emergent medical problems. India has initiated a few training programs at a limited number of institutions, but an enormous critical need still exists to train many more Emergency Physicians for the nation’s large demand for these healthcare providers.

Many health care institutions in India have recognized the need to train highly-skilled physicians to treat patients presenting with acute medical conditions. The Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine at the George Washington University (RRIEM/GWU) hopes to partner together with the medical faculty at institutions throughout India to support a three-year Post-Graduate Program in Emergency Medicine (PGPEM). In partnership, this program can train up to 12 residents per year; this program will prepare these residents to practice in the complex and challenging arena of emergency medicine at the highest levels. 

Through the collaborative work of faculty from RRIEM/GWU and Emergency Medicine Faculty at the host medical institution, residents will have continuous guidance and education in the specific topics and skills that constitute the field of emergency medicine. The faculty will provide lectures, seminars, simulations, and clinical teaching to the residents. The quality of the education programs will be maintained through continuous assessments of the residents, the faculty, and the overall program.

The three-year Post Graduate Program in Emergency Medicine will place sponsoring institutions at the forefront of emergency medicine in India, and it will prepare a new generation of leaders in medicine who will expand the field of emergency medicine throughout India.

Curriculum Overview

MEM partner institutions in India

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