Center for Injury Prevention and Control


The GW Center for Injury Prevention and Control seeks to reduce death and disability from injury by promoting existing prevention methods, optimizing trauma care through education and collaboration with the community, and researching human behavior for insights that advance the field of injury prevention.


Webinar Series: Injuries from global to local

"Injuries from Global to Local: A Webinar Series":

Raising awareness of aggressive driving via a TikTok social media campaign

  • We are excited to announce the beginning of the GW CIPC TikTok campaign to address aggressive driving in DC!  
  • Through a partnership with DC DOT & the Highway Safety Office, our team of content creators from Howard University and GW have created original and thought-provoking content with the goals of:

    1. raising awareness of aggressive driving, and

    2. making aggressive driving socially unacceptable

  • Over the next two months, this public health campaign will release content on TikTok and we need your support in the following ways:

    • Watch our content!!  See our TikTok profile here:

    • Follow us @gwinjuryprevention

    • Like, share and comment on the videos

    • Get inspired, become a TikTok creator and post your own content 😄

  • It takes a village to raise a TikTok public health campaign so please, please, please help us make this project as successful as possible, we appreciate it!

 Data-Driven Approach to Injury Prevention

  • We are proud to partner with DataCamp, an online learning platform that specializes in teaching data literacy for all skill levels and roles.

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Dr. Jesús Treviño, MD, MBA, FACEP