MEM Highlights

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Workshop, October 2023, Bangalore, India

Led by a collaborative team of PEM physicians from the USA and PICU doctors from Bangalore, the MEM team led a 2-day workshop in Bangalore.  More than 20 participants joined including EM residents, pediatric residents, 2 ED consultants and 1 Head of Department, learning through didactics, procedure workshops, simulations, an escape room, SimOlympics and more!  






Virtual Peer-to-Peer Teaching/Learning 

To teach is to learn. MEM trainees teach with and learn from their peers. Teaching in virtual spaces allows trainees, serving in hospital sites across India, to exchange their knowledge, ideas, and experiences. Residents become more capacitated through regular demonstration and practice of EM procedures.  As trainees develop and refine their abilities during the three-year program, they teach and engage their peers, with appropriate faculty support. 

MEM residents demonstrate central line procedure to peers and faculty




Pediatric Code Cart Challenge

Code carts are used to provide emergency medication, supplies, and equipment to resuscitate a child.  The aim of this project was for each site to develop a pediatric-specific code cart with medications and equipment for pediatric resuscitation.  Our target audience was EM trainees enrolled in our 3-year MEM Program.  Each site used their own pediatric medications and equipment to develop the code cart.  We received submissions from six sites for the code cart challenge. We developed a rubric to evaluate each code cart.  Overall, this was a successful pilot project in which EM trainees in India successfully developed pediatric-specific code carts, with medications and equipment for pediatric resuscitation

A doctor in a pediatric training facility